The Schreiber Bar Screen utilizes an endless chain running on UHMW polymeric guides in a geometric configuration for precise travel of the rake arm. It performs a complete job of removing screenings from the wastewater and then placing the screenings into a container for disposal. The rake engages the bars of the screen at the bottom of the channel and from the down-stream side to prevent the potential for jamming of the rake. Automatic operation of the unit is controlled by a float switch and timer. Additionally, the entire mechanism is located above water level for ease of service without dewatering.

The rake and bar rack are constructed of 304 stainless steel, and the unit cover is fabricated aluminum. The Bar Screen fits channels up to 4'-8" in depth and is available in sizes from 15" to 48" in width with flow rates up to 16 MGD. The standard size of screen openings for the Bar Screen is 5/8" (1/2" and 3/4" opening options are available.)

Please contact Schreiber at 205-655-7466 or email to receive a quote or to obtain purchasing information.


  • Wastewater Headworks
  • Shallow depth coarse screening


  • Low maintenance-corrosion resistant
  • Serviceability without dewatering
  • Rugged screen to remove large hazardous materials
  • No conveyor necessary – rake elevates and discharges to container
  • Back cleaned to prevent jamming
  • Few moving parts