SchreiberFLEX membrane air diffusers feature a unique, patented design for fine bubble aeration. The diffuser assembly consists of two 30” long tubular membranes and a patented threaded connector for easy installation and fewer maintenance concerns. The flexible membrane features an air slit pattern design, providing optimal oxygen transfer efficiency. SchreiberFLEX diffusers are unmatched in strength, with a moment capacity of 340 foot pounds. The diffusers are advantageous for installation in new facilities or as replacements in existing systems.

SchreiberFLEX diffusers increase the effectiveness of an aeration process by providing a high rate of oxygen transfer efficiency – 5.5% per meter (1.7% per foot) of immersion at 17’ submergence at a maximum throughput rate of 1.3 scfm per lineal foot of diffuser. It is not necessary to maintain an air flow to the diffusers due to the elastic properties of membranes. As air pressure to the diffusers is eliminated the micro slits on the membrane close to prevent liquid from entering the tube. The control of air flow to the diffusers results in a vast increase in process flexibility and effectiveness.

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  • Municipal wastewater aeration
  • Poultry wastewater aeration
  • Package Plant Aeration
  • Power wastewater aeration


  • Retrieving diffuser assemblies
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Long life span for membranes
  • Adaptable for other grid systems
  • High Strength Assembly
  • Quick and Easy Installation (Threaded connectors)
  • Minimum Maintenance