The Schreiber Fine Screen is driven by a brushless motor that is approved for use in Class I, Division II areas per NEC. The unit is composed of a stationary grid and a movable grid. The bars of the movable grid are located between the bars of the stationary grid in an alternating fashion. The screenings are conveyed upward in a stepwise manner along the bars of the stationary grid, which prevents the forcing of screenings through the screen. Screenings are discharged at the top of the screen in a self cleaning motion, thereby eliminating the need for other supplemental cleaning devices. The Fine Screen has no anchor points below the waterline and the screen itself is designed to swing out of the channel for access and ease of maintenance. For washing and compacting of the screenings after capture, the Schreiber washer/compactor is an excellent complement to the fine screen.

The Fine Screen is available to fit channels up to 5’ in depth and 18" to 48" in width with a flow rate up to 14 MGD. The standard size of screen opening for the Hydro Grid is 6mm (0.24").



Schreiber’s MC Fine Screen is a traveling band, deep channel screen with depths up to 50 feet and widths up to 14 feet including slot spacing to 1mm. The screen requires very little maintenance and is easy to work on without dewatering due to the block design and no underwater moving parts.

 The block design consists of two different elements, straight or hook that are interchangeable.  The individual filter elements are mounted on two stainless steel support shafts with end caps making up separate blocks.  Units can be custom configured and are completely assembled then bolted into place.  Each block is mounted on a durable Stainless Steel drive chain without any interconnection to adjacent blocks thus eliminating wear.    Since the filter belt design is not interconnecting, the blocks can be removed in three easy steps for inspection and maintenance.

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  • Wastewater Headworks

 Fine Screen Benefits

  • Ease of Maintenance without dewatering
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Explosion-Proof Motors
  • Custom Controls and Options
  • Self cleaning without brushes or other supplemental devices










 MC Fine Screen Benefits

  • Easy Block Replacement
  • Element Design Minimizes Wear
  • Custom Configured Per Customer Requirements
  • Ease of Maintenance