Schreiber’s Grit Classifier is designed to wash and dewater the grit slurry from grit removal systems, enabling easy handling and transferring of grit for final disposal, and is affective over a wide range of grit particle sizing including sugar sand.

The grit slurry is transferred to the grit classifier, where the inlet flow is directed diagonally downward.   As grit settles, a shaftless screw carries the grit from the bottom of the hopper to the discharge, further washing and dewatering the grit.  Decanted water flows over a weir and is returned to the waste stream; the dewatered grit is discharged into a container for disposal. The hinged access hatch constructed from lighter weight material and a hinged weir box allows ease of access.

Schreiber’s Grit Classifier is fully enclosed and is constructed of 304 stainless steel to provide a long service life and corrosion protection.  A hardened steel shaftless screw provides durability and requires no submerged bearing resulting in low maintenance. 
Schreiber’s Grit Classifier is equipped with a 304 stainless steel replaceable liner.  The  liner can be easily removed and replaced when necessary. 

Schreiber’s Grit Classifiers are easy to maintain and improve performance.

Schreiber’s Grit Classifiers are available in two sizes, a 12” diameter for flow rates up to 150 gpm and a 20” diameter for flow rates of up to 300 gpm.    Options include motors rated from TEFC to Class 1 Division 1, internal heating elements, Flexible direction discharge, and multiple inlet configurations.

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  • Wastewater Headworks
  • Grit Dewatering


  • Ease of Handling Grit
  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Fully Enclosed