Schreiber’s Grit & Grease removal system is a unique system designed to remove both Grit and Grease in a common structure. Two parallel rectangular concrete channels combine to separate and collect both grit and grease for removal from the wastewater. One channel is designed to settle grit particles for removal and the other collects grease for removal using Schreiber’s patented air-skimming system. A unique rotating spiral flow pattern scours and washes organics from the grit and then deposits the grit in a trough at the bottom of the channel. A grit pump mounted to a traveling bridge pumps the collected grit to an elevated trough sloped at one end of the structure to transfer the grit slurry to a grit classifier for further washing and dewatering.

Floating grease and scum are transported to one end of the channel by Schreiber’s patented air-skimming grease removal system. Air is directed onto the surface of the grease channel in the direction of a rotating screw conveyor. As the screw conveyor rotates, lifting the grease for disposal in a collection container, the grease water content is reduced, thus reducing the overall volume of material being transferred for disposal.

The removal system is designed to meet the specific flow requirements of each facility and is designed to handle large fluctuations in flow. The typical detention time at the design peak flow is 5 minutes.

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  • Wastewater Headworks
  • Retrofit Applications
  • Pretreatment – Industrial Applications


  • Protects Down Stream Equipment/Processes
  • Performance Flexibility (Adjustable to Capture Desired Grit Size)
  • Efficient Operation
  • Low Hydraulic Head Loss
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Serviceable without Dewatering
  • Automated for Minimum Operator Interface and energy efficiency