The Schreiber Washer/Compactor washes out organics and dewaters screenings in a batch sequence. Screenings enter the top of the unit and are agitated by a rotating shaftless screw under a spray of wash-water. As the screw agitates in forward and reverse motion, organic substances are loosened from the screenings and drain back to the process stream. The washed screenings are transferred over a barrier at one end of the wash trough into a compactor section below. The screenings are subsequently dewatered by the action of a compactor screw and conical discharge, and then conveyed through a larger diameter discharge pipe. The washed and compacted screenings material is significantly reduced in both volume and organics, resulting in disposal cost savings, and will pass the Paint Filter Test.

The Schreiber Washer/Compactor is manufactured in three model sizes with inlet lengths ranging from 3'8" to 9'10" and screenings capacities of 27 ft3/hr to over 70 ft3/hr.

Please contact Schreiber at 205-655-7466 or email to receive a quote or to obtain purchasing information.


  • Wastewater Headworks


  • Solids concentration of 35-40%
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance
  • Flexible Inlet and Discharge Configurations
  • Custom Controls and Options
  • Superior Screening Results
  • Disposal Cost Savings
  • Options for rock removal and flexible washer section