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Hydroscreen Solid Liquid Separation Equipment - Recycled Corrugated Medium Mill


A Midwest recycled corrugated medium mill needed to install a broke handling system to thicken and meter broke back into their system. 


The mill started with a single Hydroscreen®. After they saw how well the Hydroscreen®’s exclusive biwave wedgewire panel handled the broke, they ordered Hydroscreens with .040" clear openings. The Hydroscreens handle both the wet end and dry end broke from two paper machines. By thickening these flows, fiber is recovered, thickened to uniform consistency, and metered back into the stock system under controlled conditions


The Hydroscreen® units have proven very effective in handling the varying flows and solids loadings from the paper machines. Solids are consistently discharged in the range of 5% to 6% with filtrate quality acceptable for use in the mill whitewater system. The screens do not blind and require only minimal attention.


Design Data #3PM #4PM

Flow rate 

Variable to 400 GPM Variable to 400 GPM
Inlet consistency 1% to 3%  1% to 3% 
Furnish Secondary fiber (OCC) Secondary fiber (OCC)
Freeness 240 to 280 CSF 240 to 280 CSF
Temperature 120° F 120° F
Solids discharge consistency 5% to 6%  5% to 6%
Equipment  Four HS72 x 0.40" Six HS72 x 0.40"